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Why Sage Watson doesn't believe in dieting

Why Sage Watson doesn’t believe in dieting

Why Sage Watson doesn’t believe in dieting

Sage Watson is a Canadian record-holder and World Championship finalist in the 400m hurdles. The Alberta local tweeted a number of weeks in the past about her vitamin philosophy, which avoids 3 not unusual (however arguably ill-advised) wellness ideas: “I don’t believe in counting calories, I don’t believe in diets and I don’t believe that everyone should be eating the same foods.”

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What Watson issues out is that a large number of other folks, runners incorporated, get their vitamin guidelines and inspiration from social media. While getting snack or meal concepts from those platforms is okay, adopting any individual else’s nutrition in most cases isn’t. The runner has had an excessively a success, and most significantly a constant profession. She’s a two-time World Championship finalist, a Canadian record-holder, an NCAA champion and an Olympian–and also you don’t succeed in all of the ones issues with out getting excellent vitamin steering.

With that stated, Watson is excited by keeping up stability in her existence and keeping off restriction. When it involves meals, she encourages runners to consume what makes them really feel excellent. “I posted that tweet because I see so many dieting crazes–especially on social media. I also get people messaging me about what I eat and what I think they should eat. I believe in healthy eating over dieting. To me, dieting is restrictive and something that you can’t keep up for long period of time. Healthy eating is choosing to make good choices and keeping everything in moderation.”

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Watson additionally issues out that what makes one frame really feel excellent received’t essentially paintings for any other. “This means that something I eat that fuels me, may not work as well for someone else. We’re all different and it’s our job to find what foods works best for our individual bodies. I encourage people, instead of looking at someone’s diet on social media and copying it, go to a nutritionist.”

The runner is continuously requested if she eats sugar or what she avoids, and Watson assures her fans at she eats what she needs. “As an athlete, I crave healthy foods because my body knows what it needs. At the same time if I crave ice cream, I have some. If I’m at the movie theatre, I’ll have pop and popcorn. I truly believe everything in moderation and choosing healthy foods when I have the option is a lifestyle choice, not a diet.”

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