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This Stuff is Rocket Fuel for the Mind & Body

This Stuff is Rocket Fuel for the Mind & Body

This Stuff is Rocket Fuel for the Mind & Body

The concept in the back of pre-workout stimulants is nice. Maybe you feel a bit punky otherwise you simply do not really feel as jazzed about going to the health club as you most often do and wham! Here comes a bit liquid or powdered motivation to revive your mojo.

But for me, no less than, the fact of some of these “energizers” hasn’t matched as much as my expectancies. Oftentimes, the buzz I am getting from those grocery-store merchandise – lots of which might be only a shovelful of caffeine and a few chemical compounds that act as accelerants to caffeine’s hearth – is harsh and off-key, nearer to nervousness than inspiration.

They’re like dangerous booze brewed in a discarded backwoods cistern when what I sought after was once some fantastic, 25-year-old Scotch, or like some funky-smelling weed grown in an outdated espresso can when what I sought after was once some genetically-engineered herb cultivated in a hydroponics lab.

Most had been dangerous. Most are dangerous.

So yeah, I desire a bit bit extra sophistication in my power product. I desire one thing that offers you focal point, power, inspiration, or even further energy and staying power; one thing like, or fairly, precisely like, Biotest’s Power Drive®, which is affectionately known as “rocket fuel for the mind.”


When Should I Use Power Drive®?

Power Drive® is not one thing you are taking as a result of you wish to have to triumph over the global by way of five PM since you deliberate on spending the night time finishing no less than six of the Seven Labors of Hercules and the ones Augean stables, from what you have heard, are lovely tousled.

Taking one thing that offers you that a lot frightened power exacts a toll on the apprehensive gadget and the frame. Just ask any meth freak.

Instead, maximum people need one thing that stimulates, complements, and restores the mind and frame; one thing that gives a managed burn that might have the following particular results:

  • Increased muscle-fiber recruitment and energy

  • Enhanced neural restoration

  • Heightened and centered focus

  • Accelerated coaching development and muscular positive aspects

  • Boosted motivation and temper

  • Higher and sustained power ranges

  • A psychological edge all through festival

  • Enhanced efficiency in research or checks

  • A discount in social nervousness

And all that is precisely what Power Drive® was once designed for.

How Does Power Drive® Do All These Things?

Power Drive®’s energetic components are referred to as nootropics – elements that give cognitive advantages to the mind that ceaselessly translate to bodily advantages. In order to qualify as a nootropic, a substance has to fulfill 5 standards set by way of Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the guy who coined the time period:

  1. It has to beef up reminiscence and the skill to be told.

  2. It has to extend the efficacy of neuronal firing mechanisms (which is the place the bodily advantages of nootropics kick in).

  3. It has to lend a hand the mind serve as below aggravating or disruptive stipulations.

  4. It has to give protection to the mind from chemical or bodily attacks.

  5. It has to have few or no unwanted effects and be just about non-toxic.

There are about 85 identified nootropics, every of which has somewhat other features, mechanisms of motion, and strengths. Three of them had been selected to shape the spine of the Power Drive® system. They are:

  • L-Tyrosine

  • Phosphatidylcholine

  • DMAE


Here’s a brief rundown of the attributes of every:


This amino acid is referred to as the “master precursor” as a result of it is required to shape the stimulatory neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, identified jointly as catecholamines.

Back in early 1980’s, an MIT scientist named Richard Wurtman came upon that after blended with a catalyst, tyrosine

“Enhances performance, improves subjective vigor, decreases fatigue, diminishes subjective confusion, and decreases anxiety and tension.”

And a bit over a decade later, Dr. Jeffrey Stout, then of the University of Nebraska, discovered that tyrosine, when given an hour sooner than workout, greater top bench press torque by way of 283% all through a collection of 15 reps.

L-tyrosine, together with boosting cognitive serve as, additionally stimulates the manufacturing of the fat-burning thyroid hormones T3 and T4.


Forbes mag known as this nootropic a “wonder drug.” They’re no longer mistaken. The magazine was once most commonly intrigued by way of its possible in slowing down psychological decline and staving off Alzhemer’s as a result of it is been proven to stimulate the enlargement of latest mind cells and neural connections – a procedure as soon as regarded as unimaginable.

But phosphatidylcholine additionally ends up in an building up in some other essential neurotransmitter referred to as acetylcholine, which is helping keep watch over motor unit recruitment, together with reflexes and response occasions.

Here’s the factor: Muscles are manufactured from person motor devices and if you’ll recruit extra of them, courtesy of acetylcholine, you enjoy a virtually rapid achieve in energy, energy, and staying power. Over the longer term, this enhanced skill to kick in additional motor devices will most probably lead to extra muscles.


Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMAE, is an amino acid naturally produced in the mind, however supplying further quantities via the vitamin has some fascinating results.

It, like phosphatidylcholine, is helping building up ranges of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, however it is usually idea to extend blood go with the flow to the mind, which ends up in stepped forward oxygen and glucose uptake and manifests itself via greater focal point and greater psychological stamina.

It additionally has some distinctive skills to carry temper, cope with positive signs of melancholy, and building up athletic efficiency. (It may also have some existence extension results as one early find out about confirmed that mice lived an exceptional 50% longer after they got DMAE.)

Does Power Drive® Have Any Negative Side Effects?

Power Drive® is remarkably freed from any destructive unwanted effects. Perhaps sarcastically, it does not even appear to impact sleep patterns negatively. While it brings you mentally up, it isn’t the skin-on-fire form of power enhancement every now and then felt with cruder stimulants.

It simply makes the mind paintings higher at the whole thing it does, and if the mind makes a decision it is time to fall asleep, it in reality is helping with that too.

Neither is Power Drive® addictive, no less than no longer in any scientific sense. However, it could be “addictive” in the approach that any gratifying enjoy is, in that you’ll be able to most probably need to take a look at it time and again when cases name for it.

Power Drive

How Do I Use Power Drive®?

Power Drive® is an orange-flavored, delightful tasting powder that combines simply for your protein drink or water. Take 1 scoop 30 to 60 mins sooner than exercises, athletic occasions, checks, or any match the place you wish to have to assume or carry out higher, and even simply to really feel extra mentally alert or even keeled.

Get Power Drive® Here

The Supplement That Makes You Smarter


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