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Finally made my skin feel like skin again. (A VERY LONG READ) : SkincareAddiction
Finally made my skin feel like skin again. (A VERY LONG READ) : SkincareAddiction

Finally made my skin feel like skin again. (A VERY LONG READ) : SkincareAddiction

Finally made my skin feel like skin once more. (A VERY LONG READ) : SkincareAddiction

Hey SCA! I simply sought after to proportion how satisfied I’m to have in fact made my skin, in fact feel like skin once more. What I imply through that is that my skin can soak up elements from merchandise usually, it in fact seems standard and zits has calmed down such a lot, I best get the occasional acne throughout that point of the month, which heal in reality temporarily.

To whoever is studying this, I’ve a message for you, please needless to say regardless of how broken your skin is, it WILL heal with the best elements and most significantly, TIME. So do not surrender for your regimen and please, please, PLEASE keep on with a constant regimen, make certain it is a hydrating one as neatly.

Skin background:

I had mixture skin with little to no zits throughout my highschool years (2012-2016). I may just say I had highest skin till on the finish of 2017. I began to get small infected spots on my cheeks as a result of I began the usage of a harsh cleanser, bodily exfoliating EVERYDAY and best the usage of a moisturiser that would now not make up for the dryness, without a hydrating toners, not anything. I assumed drying out my face and repeatedly exfoliating would regulate my oil and zits. I had EXTREMELY glossy and OILY skin at the moment.

I did not know higher and I assumed I might check out chemical exfoliation (salicylic acid, to be actual) AND benzoyl peroxide AT THE SAME TIME for 1 entire month to do away with the spots. Blind zits or in reality large whiteheads that took 50 years to heal then seemed on my cheeks. The small infected spots persisted to seem as neatly. This was once mid of 2018. So needless to say I had an EXTREMELY dry and destructive regimen for part a 12 months.

I did not know the place I went unsuitable so I went for a facial at an overly relied on and common medispa on the town. I selected to move right here as a result of a detailed pal of mine who had critical zits had transparent skin after performing some in reality sturdy chemical peels. I used to be so dumb to assume that as a result of her skin cleared up after doing chemical peels, perhaps mine would, too. I used to be so, so, SO determined, so I went to get chemical peels. I did a 10% glycolic acid peel initially of June 2018 after which 2 weeks later I got here again to do a 20% glycolic acid peel once more. My beautician prescribed a clarifying gel that contained a small proportion of salicylic acid and glycolic acid and informed me to make use of it on a regular basis. And I did. SO CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW DAMAGED MY SKIN IS ALREADY?!?! I BET YOU CANT!

I assumed, , chemical exfoliation would make my skin ‘glance’ worse first after which transparent up as soon as I have stopped ‘purging’. NO, I used to be nonetheless a dumba**. More zits began to appear and my self-worth was once almost about zero.

In round September 2018, I discovered a reddit submit on dehydrated, over-exfoliated skin. YEAH PRETTY SURE Y’ALL ARE THINKING, FINALLY??? I then purchased merchandise that had elements like hyaluronic acid, cica, ceramide, and the entire just right stuff. I after all got rid of my harsh cleanser, stopped exfoliation chilly turkey, and began incorporating my hydrating merchandise into my new regimen.

Roughly 2 months later, the massive acne lessened such a lot, however I nonetheless had the small bumps, however they were not infected anymore. So I knew the ones have been closed comedones. I began to make use of vaseline and inside 2 months or so, they diminished considerably. However, I nonetheless had a large number of PIH and a few in reality infected whiteheads.

Then, from April 2019, I fairly modified my merchandise and fixed to a very easy regimen that was once in reality wealthy in aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and madecassoside till not too long ago. My acne diminished to the purpose the place I best were given the occasional pimple, or when my skin is in reality dry. I additionally nonetheless have PIH from contemporary acne. However, there was once nonetheless a large downside.

Although my moisture barrier has repaired such a lot, it did not totally get well. I used to be in fact about to surrender on convalescing it 100%. The best factor I had was once that my skin may just now not soak up merchandise neatly. It would feel like there’s a movie on my face that simply sits at the floor. I’d nonetheless get up with in reality oily skin each morning. My skin did not forestall getting oily (it did reduce, nevertheless it was once nonetheless atypically glossy and greasy simply inside 1-2 hours of washing) in spite of the in reality hydrating regimen. I even attempted sebum regulating elements like niacinamide. Unfortunately for me, niacinamide breaks me out. My sebum simply could not be managed or regulated.


I after all attempted a clay masks to regulate my sebum and soak up gunk from my pores. I used to be too scared to make use of a clay masks as it was once stated to be very drying, particularly on dehydrated skin. I used to be afraid my effort could be for naught. After simply ONE use of the clay masks, my skin in fact absorbed elements so neatly, become matte and were given much less oily! If best I knew my pores have been simply in reality congested motherf***ers.

Thank you for studying!

TLDR; dangerous skin care selections of mine which utterly destroyed my moisture barrier, my clay masks is now my new highest pal and in addition in reality broken skin can also be healed with first understanding the foundation of the issue, the best elements and time.

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