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» Coros Pod Review FueledByLOLZ

» Coros Pod Review FueledByLOLZ

» Coros Pod Review FueledByLOLZ

Coros Pod Review

Coros Pod Review

Recently, I were given to check out the Coros Pod. After operating New York and taking time without work, I didn’t discover all the options the Coros Pod has. It didn’t make sense to study the Coros Pod ahead of diving in and testing quite a lot of options.

I discovered extra about my operating with the Coros Pod in a couple of weeks than the remaining a number of years blended.

Coros performance pod

First and most significantly, what’s the Coros Pod?

The Coros Pod supplies complicated metrics, together with chronic and shape knowledge.  This knowledge can lend a hand flip you into a wiser and extra environment friendly runner.

How does the Coros Performance Pod Work?

The Coros Pod makes use of a ratio of velocity to power-to-weight measures how a lot power is excited about propelling your frame ahead. For those that don’t know (I didn’t ahead of the usage of the Coros Pod), when your velocity will increase and gear decreases, you reinforce your potency. By turning into extra environment friendly, operating turns into more straightforward. Is it ever “easy”? No, however it does change into more straightforward.

What more or less knowledge do you get with the Coros Pod?

  • Cadence
  • Stride Length
  • Left/Right Balance
  • Stride Height (Vertical Oscillation)
  • Stride Ratio
  • Running Power
  • Run Efficiency – derived from operating chronic

So Here is a More In-depth Look at Some of Those Features:

The Coros Performance Pod Calculates Cadence and Stride Length:

Most watches this present day will calculate your cadence and stride period, together with the watch I already use: The Coros Apex. However, no watch is very best, no longer even Coros.

Coros performance pod

So why use the Coros Pod in case your GPS  Watch already calculates that? The Coros Pod additionally calculates Stride Height, Ground Contact Time and Left/Right Balance.

I additionally discovered, when operating and by means of staying nearer to the bottom, and having a sooner cadence operating turns into “easier.” I believe the left/proper steadiness is considered one of my favourite options of the Coros Pod.

Using the ideas from the left/proper steadiness, I discovered what I wish to paintings directly to run more healthy. I by no means discovered my left facet used to be more potent. However, it does make sense since my proper facet has had extra of the wounds in recent years.  While .four doesn’t look like so much, it’s a somewhat really extensive quantity.

Coros performance pod

The Coros Performance Pod Calculates Power:

The Coros takes into consideration weight, velocity and several other different inputs to calculate your Running Power.  Not handiest will the Coros Pod calculate your chronic horizontally, however it’ll additionally accomplish that laterally, vertically.

Coros Performance Pod

Do you Need a Coros Watch to make use of the Coros Performance Pod?

No, however as somebody who makes use of the Coros Apex, I do suggest any of the Coros GPS watches from the Coros Apex Pro to the coros vertix.  If you already use a Coros GPS watch, present Coros customers simply put the watch in run mode and cross.

In truth, you’ll be able to use the Coros Pod by myself when you want. To pair the Coros Pod, you simply obtain the Coros App and get started operating. Running with simply the pod will inform you all the knowledge like center fee, stride cadence, and operating potency with out feeling tied to an eye fixed. For some individuals who wish to run bare and no longer know the tempo, they may be able to inform their knowledge with no watch. I do respect that I will know the ideas with out ever the usage of an eye fixed. When you’re achieved along with your run, the Coros pod will sync with the app and monitor your run.

You too can sync the Coros Pod with 3rd celebration social media websites like Straa and Training Peaks.

Will I think the Coros Performance Pod While Running?

No. I’ve run simply over 100 miles with the Coros Pod and it’s neer inhibited my run. I even raced with it as soon as and it didn’t fall off or bop round. I extremely suggest it for somebody who desires the options of a GPS watch however doesn’t essentially desire a watch on their wrist.

If you’re within the Coros Pod, it’s to be had right here.

You can learn extra equipment critiques right here.

Finally, have you ever subscribed to the LOLZletter? It’s a loose e-newsletter that comes out every Monday. In the e-newsletter, I percentage operating trade traits and issues related to the game. 

Questions for you:

Do you will have a more potent facet?

What is your favourite piece o operating generation? 

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